born in 1991, Master degree @ XMU, full stack software developer, Android Engineer @ luckin coffee

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My main specialty is mobile dev for Android and React Native.
Node.js + Java + MongoDB + TimeScale + Nginx + Docker.
I prefer to use Scrapy or JSoup to make spiders.


My main focuses include mobile application development for the Android platform, along with backend development using Node.js, Java, MongoDB, Nginx, Docker and other related tools/frameworks. I'm familiar with some OPS skills. My personal Android APP has nearly 740,000 downloads.

I currently work as a Senior Android Engineer at luckin coffee in Xiamen, China.

My non-professional interests include painting & photography, and cars.

CONNECT ME: [email protected]

My Apps

Wechat Account
Wechat Account Wechat Account enables salespeople to quickly access the phone numbers and Wechat of all stores in a certain industry in a certain city, and import them into contact in batches. Check it out on CoolAPK.
Indoor Positioning
Indoor Positioning Indoor Positioning is an indoor positioning system based on mobile phone accelerometer and gyroscope and Kalman filter and particle filter to calculate position and draw 3D image using OpenGL.
Easy Chat
Easy Chat Easy Chat is a translation software that supports dozens of languages, supports audio input and output switching between mobile phone microphone, mobile phone speaker, earphone microphone and earphone speaker through SCO, supports several types of BLE audio device input, and supports recognize and translate audio files in USB mass storage devices through OTG. Check it out on Google Play.
Easy Chat UAV (vehicle, boat) ground station video solution, RTSP multi-channel low latency video solution, providing high-performance, easy-to-use and reliable video access capabilities.

My Libraries

Currently has 8 stars on GitHub. FloatingView creates a floating view moved by finger supporting OverlaySystem, OverlayActivity, OverlayViewGroup modes.
Currently has 8 stars on GitHub. AwesomeWebView is a great customizable Android Activity that shows web pages within an app.
Currently has 1,991 stars on GitHub. AndroidGpsStatus is an android widget library to show GPS status and signal strength.
Currently has 1,537 stars on GitHub. ProcessBar is an android process bar library associated with ViewPager through single method.
Currently has 1,537 stars on GitHub. xml2axml is a java library to encode xml to axml AND decode axml to xml--Hack Android Manifest easily.
Currently has 1,537 stars on GitHub. HoverProcessView is an android widget library to show hover circle process view with animation.
Currently has 1,537 stars on GitHub. Decode image format from File or InputStream for Android, support jpg / png / webp / gif.
Check out my other libraries and tools!